Vaginal Aesthetic Operations

There are usually two main reasons for vaginal aesthetic operations:

  • Enhancing comfort of the sexual area (genital area), including relief from pain and discomfort during intercourse, itching, and irritation;
  • Enhancing self-esteem, liking your body more;

The doctor and patient should discuss in detail the benefits and expectations before the surgery. The patient’s complaints may be related to the pubic area, labia majora (large lips), labia minora (small lips), clitoris, clitoral hood, and vagina opening.

The doctor must clearly understand why the patient wants this surgical procedure. Is it aesthetic expectations, or is it to restore impaired function?

Feeling uncomfortable during intercourse, low sexual satisfaction, discomfort during exercise or when wearing a tight dress, hygienic concerns, feeling of air entering during intercourse, and popping sounds due to this air pressure are the most common causes of aesthetic operations on the vaginal area.

To elaborate on these reasons:

Patients with large labia majora (large lips) and labia minora (small lips) often experience hygiene anxiety. They may also feel uncomfortable wearing tight pants and dresses and may feel friction and pain during intercourse.

Women without sufficient fat tissue around the pubic area may complain of pain due to stimulation of the pubic bone during intercourse.

The clitoris region is another special area. It is densely wrapped in veins and nerves. If there is a lot of skin and fatty tissue around this area, the sense of pleasure felt during intercourse may decrease. Surgical procedures performed in this area aim to expose the clitoris, after the surgery the woman will get more stimulation and increase sexual pleasure.

The vaginal tears that occur during normal delivery, or incisions made to ease the way for the baby's head, called episiotomies, can cause the vagina opening to expand and decrease the pleasure sensations.

The genitalia is one of the best-blooded parts of our bodies. Recovery is generally very quick after surgical procedures. These aesthetic surgeries often require just a short-term anesthetic, and bleeding that may put lives at risk is not expected. The patient can be discharged from the hospital on the same day.

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